March, 2015

THE RESURRECTION: The Greatest Miracle? or the Greatest Lie?

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest miracle of all history. But if Jesus had not walked out of His tomb on the third day, the resurrection story would be the greatest lie of all time. Jesus’ visit with His disciples to Caesarea Philippi was a red letter event in the Lord’s ministry. There, up […]

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Divorced Dads

A Helpful Perspective on Your Ex The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey One of the biggest challenges for divorced dads is getting along with their ex. Tension and animosity are practically a given with many divorces. But there are ways to get through it—and possibly even find a way to work together for the […]

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10 Tips Every Rookie Preacher Should Hear

BY Peter Mead  Sage advice we all wish we had heard when we were just starting out. Do you know a young preacher who might benefit?   I am way too young to be called a sage, but I don’t get called young any more either. So while there is better advice to be found, […]

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By Shane Raynor Those pesky millennials. They’re ruining everything. Even fast food behemoth McDonald’s can’t figure them out. And it’s not because the restaurant chain isn’t spending millions of dollars trying.   A few days ago Mickey D’s announced its latest round of changes to stop declining sales. And boy are sales declining. Last month, sales fell 4.6% from November a […]

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