January, 2016

How to Protect Your Teen from the Dangers of Pornography

[Editor’s note: I have deleted from this article the stats, since they are covered in Josh McDowell’s research.] By: Mark Haviland Our families are under full-blown assault and our children are becoming the greatest casualties! This is such a large and complex subject to cover and we will only scratch the surface within this article, […]

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THE PORN PHENOMENON: Josh McDowell Ministry and Barna Group Unveil Key Findings

A COMPREHENSIVE, GROUNDBREAKING NEW SURVEY ON AMERICANS, THE CHURCH, AND PORNOGRAPHY: Impact of Internet Pornography on American Population and the Church BY: Josh McDowell Ministries which commissioned the Barna Group to do this study (New York, NY – January 19, 2015). In the most comprehensive, ground-breaking, in-depth and wide-ranging study to date on pornography among the […]

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MY CALL – D. D. Freeman

By Frank G. Tunstall Can God answer the earnest prayers of a native African in South Africa, doing it with the birth of a baby boy 9600 miles away in the rolling red hills of northwestern Georgia in the USA? This story will give the answer. Back in the foothills of the Drakensburg/Soutpansberg mountain range […]

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The Day I Hit the Wall

By: Gordon McDonald Marathon runners speak of “hitting the wall,” a moment in a race when the body appears to have exhausted all of its energy and pleads to quit. I borrow this phrase when I recall a life-altering experience I had one Saturday morning in my fourth year as a pastor. For me, hitting […]

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Where Have All the Evangelism Conferences Gone?

Ed Stetzer is talking about what he sees as the lost passion today for soul winning evangelism in the evangelical community. As you read, ask yourself about your experience in the Pentecostal revival and its outreach today. To use Stetzer’s phrase, the evangelical community has fallen on “hard times.” Are we different, holding firmly in prayer to the zeal of […]

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