An Incredible Opportunity

By: Frank Tunstall and Phil Larson

We invite you to join with our brothers and sisters in the South Carolina Conference as we pray and study the Scriptures together for the next great revival led by the Holy Spirit. Opportunity is knocking at your door for you to be part of it.

Discovering the Job Description of the Holy Spirit, by Frank Tunstall, D. Min.

Every minister and teacher in the local church struggles to stay current, motivated, inspired, and informed.  What about you?  What’s ahead with this study can make a difference. If you join us, you will be studying my book, watching the video, and answering the questions in the Study Guide. Our general officials gave me permission to use the IPHC studio to put the book on video with my reading it.  I challenge you to let yourself connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. Learning requires time and can be exhausting.  We are doing our best to make it simple and fulfilling. We want you to discover the broad scope of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and apply your discovery in your ministry and teaching. Please rearrange your schedule and join the July cohort (class).

Phil Larson is an IPHC minister and digital expert. He used my material and built the Study Guide. Phil does professional work. He will also be serving with me as the classes move forward.

You don’t think you have the time? You can’t afford not to rearrange your schedule and make the time!

You can study in your own home with your computer and complete the Study Guide. Dean Morgan and Wyatt Cook have already enrolled and Larry Jones aided by Wyatt Cook are spearheading sales in the Archives booth at Camp Meeting. You do not have to travel anywhere. Digital communication makes for marvelous opportunities.

Will you say, “YES?”

Autographed copies of the book will be at the Archives booth during camp meeting.

*A testimony from a lifelong pastor who is studying and praying through the lessons. He wrote:

The book is impacting me powerfully. No matter what the enemy throws at me I know he is defeated and through the power of the Holy Spirit I will always be able to overcome him. I don’t have to live a defeated life. I just need to keep reminding myself, greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. Through the power of the Holy Spirit’ I can live every day in victory.

*Phil Larson: Dr. Tunstall’s battle with Covid 19. In his walk with the Lord, Dr. Tunstall suffered with COVID. At 77-years-old, His life was clearly threatened. Twice his oxygen level fell drastically, and pneumonia was setting in. But many people were praying. Instead of taking him to heaven, the Holy Spirit took him out of the Covid prison. You’ll hear him tell the story on the video and you can read it in the book. The Holy Spirit had more work for him to do; his book is part of it. Dr. Tunstall says the Lord was with him when neither his wife nor his children could visit him in the hospital. He discovered something incredibly special: “No one can quarantine the Holy Spirit!”  

*Imagine yourself enjoying your devotional and study time the way you did when you began as a minister.  Wow!  Is it possible?  Yes, it is more that possible, it is within your reach.

*You must be determined to engage the studies in The Job Description of the Holy Spirit. It will get you closer to God so that you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit with clarity directing your life and ministry. It will also refresh your experience as a living temple of the Holy Spirit, His power and grace. In that process you will discover a new digital way of learning that you can continue to use in your ministry as you grow disciples.

Ready to try it out? Each digital class will give you time to allow the Holy Spirit to work deeply in your spirit. 

Again, do you think you don’t have the time? You can’t afford not to rearrange your time!

This link gets you started in the upcoming cohort (or class). 

*A bird’s eye view. I (Phil) will be launching a 30-week cohort (class) divided into two 15-week sessions. Mentored by Dr. Tunstall, you will connect at a deep level with the Holy Spirit.

*The process. Each week you will receive a fresh video of teaching from Dr. Tunstall, a reading assignment, and your interactive online course work for the week. Prayer and praise time is built into each study.  The goal is for you to immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit.  You will find yourself investing about one-and-a-half (1.5) hours a week in your personal growth.  Every month you will be asked to participate in a one-hour interactive live Zoom with Dr. Tunstall and me, and all the other ministers and teachers in the cohort who are joining in the journey.  Expect the Holy Spirit to join us as we connect with brothers and sisters in Christ.

*The path

The book starts with a powerful Foreword written by Dr Vinson Synan shortly before he went to heaven.  

Take a look at topics like these:

. The Holy Spirit in the Incarnation – connect with valuable insight into the role of the Holy Spirit that brought us Jesus and keeps Him forefront in our lives.

. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament – listen to the prophets in their discovery of the release of God’s power.

. The Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus and the disciples.  Walk with the Lord as the Holy Spirit launched the church and empowered and released insight into a world desperate for redemption. The 21st century church needs the same Holy Spirit in His power and insight.

. The ministry of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ resurrection and the ACTS of the Apostles as the church was established and grew to influence culture.  You will be challenged to apply and live out the power of the Holy Spirit in the community to which you are called.

. The Holy Spirit working through the epistles, including the prison and pastoral letters, and the general epistles.  Instruction in righteousness leads us deeper into Christ.

. The Holy Spirit in the Revelation.  Find His handiwork in showing us in confidence that He has it all under control.

The Payback

  • Get closer to God by rediscovering your Upper Room.
  • Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit with clarity for your life and ministry.
  • Refresh your experience as a living temple of the Holy Spirit, His power and grace.
  • Be personally mentored in your journey by wise ministers.

*In the process of this study, you will discover a new digital way of learning that you can use in your ministry to grow disciples.


  1. Register for the July 6th zoom (6:00 PM Central time zone).  Join with others from across the country.  

When: July 6, 2021, 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting at:

After registering, you will receive confirmation email containing information about joining the cohort (class).

  1. Take a free preview walk through the introduction. 

Enrolling in the class, of course, is voluntary.  We hope you do so because your personal walk with the Lord and your ministry will benefit. The very first section of the study is open in preview mode for anyone to review and see what the study is like. 


Dr. Frank Tunstall is a pastor, academician, and pastor of pastors.  He served as bishop and superintendent of the Heartland Conference, IPHC, for eight years. He was the pioneer pastor of Northwest Christian Center (now Reflection Church) in Oklahoma City, and served the church for twenty-three years. He was also president of Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma City, and editor in chief of IPHC publications and editor of the Advocate, then the church’s official publication. Dr. Tunstall holds five earned degrees and has written seven books primarily focused on Bible Theology. They are listed in Dr. Vinson Synan’s Foreword to Discovering the Job Description of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Tunstall and his wife, Lu, are in their fifty-eighth year of marriage and live in Yukon, Oklahoma. They have two living children and five grandchildren. Bu his own choice, Dr. Tunstall is his wife’s caregiver as she deals with memory issues. This means his travel is limited, but he has his computer! 

Rev. Phil Larson is an expert with all things digital. He took my notes, for example, and wrote the digital program and Study Guide for Discovering the Job Description of the Holy Spirit. He is also an avid student of the Scriptures. Phil serves as director of SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative and pastor and prayer leader on The Morning Moment on Facebook, Angel95fm, and Phil exudes a positive expectation of excellence for our families and future.  Phil’s organizational, ministerial, and community impact career spans four decades.  As an executive and manager in healthcare, non-profit, education, insurance, and retail, Phil leads corporate turnarounds. As a community activist, Phil dedicates his life to engaging and educating fathers, leaders, legislators, and families through partnerships with government, education, media, non-profits, and congregations.  Phil has been a key leader in unity work among Christian congregations of diverse denominational and cultural backgrounds. Along the path, Phil taught for 7 years in a congregation-based Bible school and helped develop, launch and oversee some 50 ministries including a fulltime mission serving 20,000 meals a month with 12 services a

week, kids ministry with 650 kids, and organization and operation of a 5,000-member multi-cultural congregation.  Author of multiple books, his latest is Stumbling Into Miracles – a Journey of Discipleship in Power. [Available at Amazon.Com]


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