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Bishop Leon Stewart: “You are writing some good material and pointing people to articles that are helpful to spiritual growth. Keep it up.

Kathy Petty, Missionary to Spain: So moved by the article of the missionaries beheaded and crucified, and their testimonies, and what God is doing. We have Syrian friends from the Aleppo area in Granada, Spain. We hope you are well and send our greetings. We’re still in the OKC area. God bless you.

Joe Arthur, Jr: I appreciate your doing such a masterful job about my work as a missionary in Africa. Now it has reached many more people through Hugh’s News. Thanks for doing that!  Give our love to Lu.  She is a very special lady. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do. May the Lord continue to give you His favor and blessing.

Dwain Griffin: Very good teaching Frank. God help us to not waiver in our call to spread the truth of God’s word! Thanks.

Jim Eby (Houston, TX): Thanks again, Frank, for giving such current, vital, and well-written information in your blog.  Please put Peggy on your email list: Thanks and blessings on you guys.

LaDonna Scott (Oklahoma City): Dr. Frank, I so enjoy your writing.  Would you please put Norman and me on your email list   Thanks!

Ron Roy: Dr. T, very insightful and good. I sincerely enjoy your postings.

Elvio Canavesio: “Thank you, Frank, for the “Seven reasons pastors need a sabbatical or break in summer.” This theory could be practical and also what the pastors need in our contemporary church like the one today, which has drifted away from the power of Pentecost, and which places more emphasis on socializing and technology.

“By personal experience, in Latin America during the last century we were in the middle of the fires of Pentecost–service every night of the year, non-stop, in a crescendo of glory in our midst.  We pastors and preachers did not need to go to the beaches, lakes or mountains to “get away from it all” and get refreshed, take time “to prepare sermons” or get them from computers.  All these vacations are needed when the leaders are not refreshed in the power of God on a daily basis.

“Truly my energy came from seeing souls saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit every single night.  I remember that every night I went to bed totally energized.

“I would certainly appreciate your consideration of what I am writing today.  Thank you, Frank!”

Elvio and June Canavesio live in Oklahoma City in their retirement. They each have given 50 years of service as missionaries in Central and South America, and the Caribbean. He served in Argentina during a season of some of the greatest Pentecostal revivals of the 20th century. – Pastor Frank

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