Delivered Three Times from Coronavirus

By: Frank Tunstall

Lu and I ‘celebrated’ our 57th wedding anniversary March 29, with my having the Corona virus and quarantined in the hospital in Yukon, OK. The nurses kindly arranged for us to talk a very few minutes and see each other on cell phones. It’s not the way a couple wants to celebrate their anniversary. But for us, we considered it a miracle that I was alive. Since then, the Lord has given me my health back. Baby Doll and I for years have enjoyed walking in our neighborhood, and it has been a good way to regain my stamina. A few days ago, we made our first mile since my being released from the hospital; we walked very close to another one this morning.

God is good, and thanks again to everyone who prayed for us during those dark days.

Our story has a second blessing. Baby Doll and I were together the whole time I was at home growing weaker and weaker before going to the hospital. At the time we did not own a face mask and did not know they were important. When my fever reached 104 and my oxygen level started dropping, Franklin and Dena, our children, called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

Baby Doll has not been in the best health for some time and is dealing with memory issues; I consider it a privilege to be her primary care giver. Medical researchers say she would have been a prime candidate to lose the fight with the deadly virus; 13 percent of seniors in their 80s do, according to one recent study. This is especially true with patients having complicating medical issues like my Baby Doll. Lu was by my side all the time as my symptoms became more and more pronounced: high fever, dropping oxygen level, the hacking dry coughs. With me the diagnosis also included pneumonia, and the doctor said I was in the early stages of being septic.
No question about it. Baby Doll was thoroughly exposed to the virus, and so were Dena and Franklin, but the virus never struck Lu or our children. In fact, neither Lu nor the children to this day, over a month later, have had even one of those symptoms – not one. The children are our third miracle.

After I was dismissed from the hospital and completed my 14-day quarantine, Franklin wanted me to take Baby Doll to the clinic here in Oklahoma City that tests for antibodies. Sure enough, Lu had the antibodies in her blood. This confirms that without her knowledge she had come in contact with the virus at some prior point, but miraculously, the virus did not prevail. Lu was only made asymptomatic. The cruel, invisible killer did not touch her. Lu’s testimony is she felt normal the whole time during the long ordeal. She had silently won her battle when Baby Doll didn’t realize it; neither did I, nor the children.

I wonder how many times the Lord has fought our battles when we did not realize it was the commander of the army of the Lord who was defending us.

Some through the waters, some through the flood;
Some through the fire, but all through the blood.
Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song,
In the night season and all-the-day long. (See Isaiah 43:2).
God Leads Us Along lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

The blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son delivered me as I went through the waters, the flood, the fire, and great sorrow.

The blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son delivered my Baby Doll and our children too.

We praise the Lord for His marvelous grace that we celebrate every day. God is good.

Oh yes! I have good friends who enjoy teasing me, saying Lu escaped the symptoms of the virus because she is tougher than I am. I truly am not offended at their jesting because I know they’re right!

Thank the Lord for giving me such a strong wife.


  • Peggy Henderson

    I had not heard that but I’m so thankful for God’s protection even when we, like innocent children, are clueless of even needing it.
    Down through the years I have thanked God many times for you and Lu, and have prayed many times for the Lord to add years to your lives. Little did I know how He would answer these prayers.
    He’s a good, good Father!

  • Dear Frank and Lu,

    Frank and I are so grateful for God’s goodness and mercy to you! I love the song you quoted–GOD LEADS US ALONG. It has been a favorite of mine for so long.

    Enjoyed reading about your 2nd and 3rd miracles as well. Please stay strong and keep walking your mile. We are walking but not quite as much.

    Ij’ve wanted to ask you for a long time when you first met Lu. Was it that trip we made to ORU as soon as we finished Emmanuel. Long time ago.

    • Frank Tunstall

      We first met at a SC Conference youth camp, a few weeks before the trip to ORU.
      Thanks so much for writing, and I apologize for being so delayed in answering.

  • Steve Perdue

    Dr T, I am so happy to hear of your recovery. It’s such a blessing to read how the Lord protected Lu during this time. Your note about the Lord taking care of us when we don’t even know it certainly rings true for me! Dear friend, I thank God upon every remembrance of you.

    • Frank Tunstall

      Thanks Steve, and always great to hear from you. My world has been such that it has been a long time since I even checked my email to keep up with comments. I discovered I had 44 waiting to be read!
      I’ve been told by the medical people I am now free from the virus, but it was a painful journey, to put it mildly. I hope you’ve seen a written copy of my testimony. If you have not, let me know and I’ll send it to you.
      Hope our paths will cross again soon; I treasure our times together. Maybe we could meet somewhere together soon.
      Right now I am the primary caregiver for my Baby Doll who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I try not to be away from her for more than two hours.
      On the specialist’s 3 point scale, Baby Doll is near the end of phase 2.
      Blessings on you my brother as you continue to enjoy your retirement. PF

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