Do You Blame Others for Your Ministry Failures? 12 Ways to Escape This Foolish Trap

remedy-mug1-e1432834955182Dr. Karl Vaters speaks to a very important life principle in this article. He is challenging us all to accep to responsibility for our failures, without blaming other people or situations. He begins like this:

“I don’t blame anyone but myself for my failures in ministry.

“Why are people so surprised by that?

“Last month… I described our church’s history, including a short period where we had sudden growth, followed by even faster and deeper collapse.

“Carey asked me if I had a handle on why the collapse happened, so I told him two of the mistakes I made that contributed to it. He was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t blame anyone (like the big church down the street) or anything (like changing demographics) for the problems, but took the responsibility upon myself.

“To which I responded, “If you don’t own it, you can’t change it.” The interview went on and I thought no more about it.

“But that little exchange and my short answer to it have received far more feedback (all positive, thankfully) than any other aspect of the interview….”

To read Dr. Vaters full article go to:

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