By: Frank Tunstall The prophets:  “yearning to understand Messiah’s suffering and glory” (1 Peter 1:10-11 NIV). Spring is bursting out all around us. Grass, trees, bushes, flowers – they’re all experiencing a resurrection. Nature gives billions of witnesses to the resurrection. But nature is also limited. Only the story of the death and resurrection of […]

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die by Crucifixion?

Why Did Jesus Have to Die by Crucifixion? By: Frank Tunstall Citizens of the Roman Empire who committed capital crimes were executed by beheading. Death for capital crimes as practiced by the Jews was by stoning. The penalty that awaited rebellious slaves, thieves, and common criminals was death by crucifixion, usually preceded by brutal floggings. […]

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  By Frank G. Tunstall The astounding resurrection of Lazarus meant Jesus not only restored Lazarus but also reunited the family. To this day, Jesus delights to rebuild broken homes. Jesus left Mary, Martha and Lazarus celebrating a happy reunion in Bethany and went with His disciples to Ephraim in the desert. This retreat gave […]

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 By Frank G. Tunstall  Cleopas and his unnamed friend had Jesus’ undivided attention on the road to Emmaus. The Lord began by describing them as “foolish” and “slow of heart for not believing the prophets and the Scriptures. Jesus went on to explain to them “what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself” (Luke […]

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 By Frank G. Tunstall When Mary walked up to Jesus on the outskirts of Bethany, “she fell at his feet.” What was inside her troubled soul flooded from the well of her disappointed hopes. “Lord, if you had been here,” she told Jesus, “my brother would still be alive” (John 11:32 TLB). Mary’s statement was […]

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By: Frank G. Tunstall  Luke records a story about Jesus paying a visit to a home owned by a woman named Martha, in a village Luke did not name. She had a sister named Mary living with her. Luke’s story makes no mention of a brother. The women hosted a meal for Jesus and His […]

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