January 23, 2011 – Prompts from the Holy Spirit

Jan 23, 2011 Famine Coming to India

Early this morning, I had a night vision that I believe is prophetic:

In vision, I was in the great nation of India and was talking to a man on a street that I did not recognize. The street was very dry and dusty. I looked to my right and there I saw two young boys who appeared to be about 10 or 12 years old. Both were very skinny, ragged and weak.

They appeared to be starving for food.

The two boys were going down a row in a garden that had been planted for food. The earth was very dry and parched. I saw nothing in the garden that was hardy, or leafy, or that had any food value in it at all. The first boy in the row had something strapped on his back that looked to be made of leather or some ancient material and had a hose from the backpack to a nozzle, which he held in his hand. He was trying to spray some powered substance on the dried up plants that had wilted to the ground and were either dead or dying. I assumed he was trying to put some fertilizer of some kind on or near the plants.

The second boy followed the first and was wearing a backpack made of leather or animal hides and had a hose from his backpack to a nozzle, which he held in his hand. The second boy was trying to spray or squirt some water onto the dried up plants whose leaves had withered to the ground. He was so weak and burdened by the weight of the water in his backpack that he staggered under the load. He tried to water the plants but part of the time his water missed where the plants had been planted as he staggered down the row trying to water the dead and dying plants in the dried up and withered garden.

The first boy who was spraying the powder (fertilizer) on the dried up plants ran out of fertilizer after just a few plants. His backpack was empty. The boy behind him in the garden row tried to squirt water on the plants the first boy had fertilized. He stopped watering the plants when the boy ahead of him ran out of fertilizer. Both boys then struggled from the field with their burdensome backpacks on their backs. One looked at me with pleading eyes, but spoke nothing.

The next scene in this dream was in a different garden. In this garden there was planted in good moist soil a very nice plant that appeared to be of the same kind as the first that had dried up in the starving boys’ garden. A hand reached in to the plant and held up a leaf of the plant. It was luscious, healthy and appeared very good for food. The hand then withdrew and the night vision ended.

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