January 6, 2006 – Prompts from the Holy Spirit

Jan 6, 2006 About 8:55 a.m. While I was in meditation, studying the Scriptures and in prayer— the Spirit began to speak woes on the sinful church and I wrote it down.

“The church is not my church. They play beautiful music and play lovely songs, yet I am not pleased with them. They are corrupt in their doings. Even their sayings are in error. They deny me my holy tithe. They kill my precious and innocent small ones. Shall I abide the sinful church? Shall I?”

No Sovereign Lord. You will surely judge us, even your professing church, I replied.

“I will bring down on their own heads all they have done. My fiery wrath is surely coming. The sword, the terror, the pestilence and the famine—who can endure it?”

Only those in right standing with you, Lord —indeed only you know, Sovereign Lord, I replied.

“I will save my remnant. You shall place these words in your memoirs. You shall place them on your web site as well. This will be a witness against the sinful church, though I indeed have my remnant, says the Lord.”

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