images1By: Jentezen Franklin, and others

As Christian leaders, Catholic and evangelical, we collectively express our outrage at the demeaning and troubling rhetoric used by those within Secretary Clinton’s campaign—and those associated with the campaign—to describe our communities.

Recently released emails clearly ridicule, demean and smear Roman Catholics and evangelicals. It is especially alarming that the Chairman of the Clinton Campaign, John Podesta, was copied on these emails between Jennifer Palmieri, now Director of Communications for the Clinton campaign, and a fellow at Podesta’s Center for American Progress. Podesta’s refusal to raise any objection makes him equally party to this bigotry. It is inexcusable. It is shameful. It is un-American.

Historically, evangelicals and Catholics have had significant theological differences, dating back to the Protestant Reformation. In spite of those differences there has been a mutual respect for one another and an ability to work together on important issues of mutual concern.

The WikiLeaks emails reveal a contempt for all traditional Christians, and we are—Catholic and evangelical—united in our outrage and united in our call for Mrs. Clinton to immediately apologize for the Christophobic behavior of her associates.


Alex-St. James
Andrea Lafferty
Andresen Blom
Bill Millis
Bob Feathers
Bob McEwen
Bob Williamson
Carlton Smith
Charles Mifsud
Cheryl Blakely
Colin Hanna
Dallas Eggemeyer
Darrell Scott
Dave Durell
Deacon Keith Fournier
Denver Sallee
Diana L. Banister
Diane Gramley
Dix Winston, III
Donn S. Chapman
Don Wehr
Donovan Larkins
Richard Land
Edward Mallonee
Elaine Donnelly
Everett Piper, PhD
Everett Spencer
Gabriel R. Llanes
Gary Dull
Gary L. Bauer
Jack Graham
James Dobson, PhD
James Lafferty
James Robison
Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D.
Jeff Haygood
Jentezen Franklin
Jerry A. Johnson, Ph.D.
Jim Garlow
John Zmirak
Joseph Cella
Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Kevin Freeman
Linda Cattani
Lou Murray
M. Jane Richey
Marilyn Crisafi
Mathew D. Staver
Matt Schlapp
Maureen Bravo
Michael J. Bowen
Michael Phillips
Mike Evans
Molly Smith
Pastor Dale Walker
Pastor Mark Burns
Paul Zeltwanger
Paula White
Ralph Reed
Michele Bachmann
Louis P. Sheldon
Dan Cummins
Dean Nelson
Don Browstein
Samuel Rodriguez
Richard Saccone
Robert Jeffress
Peter Hwang
Robert Morris
Ronnie Floyd
S. Bryan Hickox
Sam Casey
Sandy Rios
Sealy Yates
Steve Mosher
Steve Reiter
Sue Means
Ted Baehr
Terry Beatley
Terry Clark
Tim Wildmon

William A. Estrada, Esq.

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