Discovering the Job Description of the Holy Spirit – Option 1: For Pastors & Laity



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Frank Tunstall is a graduate of the Emmanuel College of 1963. In this book, he presents a powerful, in-depth portrait of the broadly-based job description of the Holy Spirit. He wrote the book for that purpose – to show the many-faceted roles of the Spirit. In doing this, he captured the core, I think, of the Spirit’s ministry when he wrote the Spirit makes “His home in the human temple, with HIs primary mission being to teach people about Jesus.”

Dr. Tunstall adds, “the singular curriculum of the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ, making Him known in the church. Everything else the Spirit does in some way grows out of that role.” Then, he brings it home with this statement: “As we grow in our awareness of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will also grow in our confidence for spreading the Lord’s Great Commission around the world.”


This book is a comprehensive and thoroughly Pentecostal must-read. You will come away with a fresh, new appreciation for the job description of the Spirit both in your life and in the church, as well as in the world to come. — Ron White, Ed. D., President, Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, Georgia


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