Our Awesome Lord


Bishop and pastor Frank G. Tunstall gives you a unique and thorough teaching showing why the term awesome describes the ministry of Jesus Christ and unveils what the Lord achieved and how He did it. This powerful portrait concentrates on Jesus's virtues, character, and actions. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the key themes and messages that can be learned from His life and ministry.


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OUR AWESOME LORD. Drawing on the Word of God and his many years’ experience as a pastor and teacher, Dr. Tunstall shows how the attitude of Jesus Christ and His servant relationship to His heavenly Father enabled Him to accomplish all of His goals in the great plan of redemption. And blessing of blessings! The same Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus Christ without limit also empowers God’s children today for effective Christian service.

You will come away from reading this book sharpened and filled with new admiration of your awesome Lord.

NUESTRO MAGNIFICO SENOR is the Spanish version of Our Awesome Lord.

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