May, 2016

How to Keep the People You’re Reaching

By Rick Warren Every church loses people. It’s a natural part of living in our current culture. Two to three percent will likely move away – more if you’re in an urban area. One or two percent will die. And some will just fade away and stop attending without connecting to another local body. Obviously […]

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Iraqi Christian Fighters Give Biblical Justification for Fighting ISIS

By: Veronica Neffinger | Editor, A group of Christian fighters in the Middle East who are battling ISIS say that, though the Bible commands Christians not to kill, they must defend their home and families. The Christian Post reports that the Babylon Brigade, as the Christian fighters are known, has been fighting ISIS throughout the past year. […]

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When They’re Really Mad at You

How to follow Jesus while dodging bullets. An interview with John Crosby As a Christian leader, people’s disapproval can make you defensive, angry—and if you go about it the right way, spiritually mature. We [the editors of Leadership Journal] asked John Crosby, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina, Minnesota, what he’s learned about being […]

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7 Reasons I Love Serving the Established Church

By: Ron Edmondson I recently posted about the things I miss from church planting serving in an established church. Church planting can be daunting, but the rewards from seeing people far from God get excited about Him makes all the efforts worthwhile. A friend of mine, Tom Cheyney, texted me with a challenge – and a needed one. Tom […]

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