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  By: Frank G. Tunstall George Barna of the American Culture and Faith Institute released a survey back in May that describes the diversity of doctrinal belief in the born-again community in the American church. Born-again believers largely come under the banner of Evangelical Christians. Pentecostals are also included under this umbrella. The United States […]

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PROPOSED SOUTH CAROLINA BILL WOULD ALLOW TEACHERS TO PARTICIPATE IN STUDENT LED PRAYER By Heather Clark  For more than thirty years, Americans have been told that the government cannot express favor for one religion over another. This has been taken to mean that there is no place for those in governmental positions to express their beliefs. That means teachers and therefore prayer led by teachers has been […]

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California’s Religious Liberty Moment—Coming to a State Near You

On the verge of a precedent that should not be set.  Originally published at:   By: Ed Stetzer and Martin Duren   The California legislature is poised to consider legislation that could destroy the ability of numerous faith-based colleges and universities to pursue the mission for which they were created. SB 1146, one of two […]

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