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Pennsylvania Democrats: Allah is fine, Jesus is not.

https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/todd-starnes-pennsylvania-democrats-allah-is-fine-jesus-is-not By: Todd Starnes William Penn (October 14, 1644 – July 30, 1718) established a colony where people of faith could practice whatever religion they desired. Pennsylvania became the only colony without a state-run church. Penn’s gift to America was freedom of religion, the right to practice one’s faith in the public marketplace. “All Persons […]

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By Frank Tunstall The Holy Spirit overshadowed the Virgin Mary in the miraculous and sinless conception of Baby Jesus, with God as His Father (Luke 1:35). The angel Gabriel shared with Mary that her baby would be the Son of God. When the angel Gabriel made the announcement to Mary, she sought more information, giving […]

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“YOU HAVE LIED TO GOD” – (Acts 4:32 – 5:11)

By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min. “All the believers were one in heart and mind,” recorded Dr. Luke (Luke 4:32). The lame man at the gate called Beautiful had been healed the day before. Shortly after the miracle, Peter and John had been arrested by the temple police and held overnight. The next morning at their […]

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Two themes very  important for the Lord’s church. Ed Stetzer reminds us of the importance of welcoming single adults in our churches. My article focuses on Jesus’ great love for newly-weds and young couples. Each is important for the future of the Lord’s church.To this day Jesus delights to be invited to weddings.   By: Frank G. Tunstall, […]

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WHY GOD CHOSE ABRAHAM, An Appeal to Fathers

By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min.  Why did God choose Abraham and his loyal wife, Sarah? The answer to that question frames a powerful challenge to fathers as we come to Father’s Day, 2018. In ancient culture, the father in the home carried the primary duty to instruct his children.  It also meant each dad in […]

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  By: Frank G. Tunstall The term, progressive revelation suggests in theology the ongoing discovery of new Biblical revelation, which, of course, is exactly what happened in the Old Testament era (Hebrews 1:1-4). This unfolding of the character of God and His plan of redemption of mankind continued through the death and resurrection of Jesus […]

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