By: Frank Tunstall. D. Min. Lazarus was deathly sick, and he was Martha’s and Mary’s only brother. The sisters could see his life slowly slipping away and they knew they needed a man in the house. Jesus was their only hope. They sent a passionate appeal to Him, “Come heal our brother!” But Jesus delayed […]

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AGAPE, THE LOVE OF GOD By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min. The love Jesus identifies in John 14:15, “if you love me,” is Jesus calling for agape love from His disciples. It is the God kind of love that always acts unselfishly and in the best interests of others, whether a person wants it or deserves […]

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A Hated Messiah?

By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min. The name, Jesus Christ, means Savior-Messiah. As Jesus neared His cross, the Pharisees were seeking every opportunity possible to challenge Him. They knew He claimed to be Israel’s Savior-Messiah, but they saw it as unthinkable. They reasoned the true Messiah would not be willing to suffer the ultimate indignity of […]

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By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min. The institution of the home and the family traces its origin to the heart of God. When God created Adam, he was the only one of his kind, with a miraculous genetic system that has functioned well through the millennia since that long ago day. Adam was a genius; one […]

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“Brothers, What Shall We do?” REPENT

By: Frank Tunstall, D. Min. Peter wrapped-up His indictment on that grand first Pentecost by saying, “Let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ” (Acts 2:36; see also Acts 4:10). With this conclusion of Peter’s Pentecost sermon, he sealed the indictment against the evil […]

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  By: Frank Tunstall and Phil Larson Join us as we pray and study Scriptures together for the next great revival led by the Holy Spirit. Unexpected joy, insight, power, unity, answers, miracles, healing, and gifts are here. Discovering The Job Description of the Holy Spirit, by Frank Tunstall, D. Min. Members, ministers, and masses struggle […]

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