T. Elwood Long: “Thanks, Dr. Tunstall, for your insightful and inspiring article, Offended by Jesus. It is a marvelous reminder that our Lord will “whisper sweet peace” to us in our times of difficulty and questions, if we will attentively listen to His voice of assurance.”

William Denem, Arise Christian Radio: “Great article. I’ve always loved the story of Mary and Martha. Every time I hear about these two sisters in song or sermon, I think about the song by Karen Peck and New River entitled, “Four Days Late.” I will be checking out your teachings in the future. Thanks for your ministry, Brother!”

Larry Gleason: “You still have God’s gift of breaking the Bread of Life.  Thank you, Dr. Tunstall ,for your willingness to share, and in doing so encouraging those of us who need it at this time. May God continue to bless and inspire you is my prayer.”

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