December 19, 2005 – Prompts from the Holy Spirit

Dec 19, 2005 I was awake early and was motivated in the Spirit to prayer and meditation. The Holy Spirit began to speak very powerfully. The Spirit spoke the Lord’s judgment on the faithless ones in his professing church, on Jerusalem, and on the United States.

“Behold the days are coming when men will seek me. When they seek me with their whole heart they will find me. I am the Lord.”

“Who is like the Lord? Who has been his counselor? Who is listening? My shepherds are corrupt. My elders do evil in my sight. My teachers pervert my ways. Shall I uphold the unfaithful stewards? I, even I, will bring down on their own heads all they have done. Do you understand these things?”

I understand them. If I do not understand them, teach me for you know my heart Lord, I replied.

“I will bless those whom I will bless. I will curse those whom I will curse. I will winnow them, even the shepherds. And what of the flock? Are they not as dross before me?

“Where is the faithful flock?”

“I have my remnant. Those will I spare. But the unfaithful ones, I will cut down with no remedy, says the Lord. Many honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. I will bring down on their own heads all they have done.”

“OH! Jerusalem! Jerusalem! What of you Jerusalem? You have rejected me to this day. You are as the nations before me—corrupt and lawless. You kill my babies as do the nations and will you go unpunished? I will indeed judge you as well for the man of lawlessness is coming.

He will deceive you even as the Serpent deceived Adam and Eve. He will occupy your temple and many will die. Yet, for my own great namesake and for Jerusalem whom I have chosen and for Israel, my son, and for David my servant, even for my Branch I will come. Indeed I will come and my feet shall stand again on the Mount of Olives.”

“Indeed I will do battle with Gog and Magog, though it be not much of a battle for I will destroy him and his hordes just as it is written in My Word. Then you, Oh Jerusalem, will know that I am the one you pierced.”

“What of this land, Little One? What of the beautiful land?” Only you know Sovereign Lord, I replied. “I, even I, have judged the beautiful land (United States) and found her wanting. She has done evil in my eyes. Therefore, I will bring my wrath upon her. The sword, the famine, the pestilence, even my fiery wrath will I bring.”

Lord, we cannot stand against your wrath, I replied.

“I will save my remnant. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Place it on your web site. Place these words on your web site with the other prophecies not yet published.”

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