December 25, 2005 – Prompts from the Holy Spirit

Dec 25, 2005 about 3:00 a.m. I was awakened early on Christmas day. While I was in prayer, meditation, reading the Scriptures and thanking the Lord for coming to earth to redeem us, the Spirit began to speak very powerfully. He was in no celebrating mood.

This time He spoke the title of what was on his great heart and I wrote it down and waited. A brief time later he began to speak specific judgments on the United States and I wrote it down word for word even as he spoke it.

 “The Calamities of the Days Ahead”

“The days are coming, says the Lord, when the bride and the bridegroom shall cease to be in the land. The destroyer is coming. I, even I, have judged the land.”

“Who can stop it? Who can thwart it. Have I not determined it?

The land shall be parched. The flowing streams shall go dry, the animals will pant for breath, and the mouths will go dry for thirst. This nation has sinned against me. My church has not been my light. Many honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Therefore, I will be far from them. Yet, I have my remnant. It will be well with them. Even in the days of

affliction will I keep them and show them my salvation.”

“Who is like me? Who can speak and it come to pass but the Lord? So fear not, Little One.

Fear not. The Lord your God is with you to deliver in the Day of Affliction, to comfort in the Day of Mourning, to bind up and not tear down, to give you hope and a future.”

“The words that I have spoken will come to pass, says the Lord.”

“I came to heal the broken hearted, to make the blind see, to cleanse the leper, to set the captives free. Yet, this Nation has rejected me. It has done evil in my sight. Now I will remove it from before me. The good I intended for this Nation is now removed, for I have repented of my good intentions for the beautiful land. Is this not written in my Word, Little One?”

It is surely written in Jeremiah 18, I replied.

“Will this land repent with its whole heart? Will it?” Only you know Sovereign Lord, I replied.

“Many will turn in the day of affliction and I will graciously receive them. The unrepentant will be eternally damned. You shall write these words in your memoirs. You shall place them on your web site as a witness against this Nation, says the Lord.”

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